Explorer’s Guide 50 Hikes in Western Pennsylvania


  • This third edition includes hikes for all tastes and abilities: introductory walks of 1-5 miles; intermediate day hikes of 5-10 miles; and “bootbusters” of 10 miles or more, some suitable for backpacking.


The hiking trails of western Pennsylvania offer both novice and experienced hikers a tempting variety of natural terrain. Now veteran trailblazer and outdoor activist Tom Thwaites has updated his bestselling guide to reflect the improvement and expansion of western Pennsylvania trails since the first edition was published.  Thirty-one hikes are based in the Laurel Highlands and Allegheny Forest, with the remainder grouped around Pittsburgh and Lake Erie. Each hike description includes information on access, trail conditions and regulations, mileage and rise, detailed topographic maps, and highlights of human and nature you’ll find along the way. Black-and-white photographs and maps throughout